Spain’s strict new anti-smoking rules take effect

Spain's strict new anti-smoking rules take effectA tough anti-smoking law has taken effect in Spain. The ban – one of the strictest in Europe – outlaws smoking in all bars and restaurants. Smokers will also be prohibited on television broadcasts, near hospitals or in school playgrounds. […] Spain has a strong cafe culture and the owners of bars and cafes have complained the law will hurt business…

Read this on the BBC.

  • If a law or rule is strict or tough, it is not flexible, it limits you very much, it doesn’t allow you to do many things.
  • new anti-smoking rules take effect: new rules against smoking will start to be used
  • If you outlaw something, you prohibit it, you don’t allow or permit it.
  • If you complain about something, you say that it’s wrong or not satisfactory.

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