Middle-class Muslims fuel French halal boom

Middle-class Muslims fuel French halal boomFew things define the traditional good life in France better than champagne and foie gras, but few would have thought them symbols of social integration – until now. A boom in sales of halal products, including alcohol-free bubbly and goose liver paté approved by Islamic law, is being driven by the emergence of an affluent middle class of young Muslims…

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  • Foie gras is a traditional French food made of the liver of a duck or goose.
  • A boom is a sudden increase, a period of sudden economic growth.
  • Bubbly is an informal word for champagne.
  • If something drives something else, it provides the power for it to move. In this text, the emergence (= appearing) of an affluent (= rich) middle class of young Muslims drives the sales of halal food.

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